Importance of Computer Updates

System updates are necessary because they include some important security patches without which your system become vulnerable to virus and malware attacks. Most of the cyber-criminals try to take advantage of these security holes to enter your PC. Thus, it becomes necessary for you to keep your operating system, drivers, system applications and browsers up-to-date.

If you see a small pop-up window at the corner of your computer then you should not ignore it, instead, you must take immediate action to update it. If you are unsure if there is an update available or not then you can connect with Protages for assistance. We will check your system for available updates and perform the update if necessary.

What Are These Updates for?

A computer comprises of various things including an operating system, software applications and drivers. Operating systems, antivirus programs and other application need regular updates for proper functioning and security reasons. These updates are necessary for various reasons, some of them are mentioned here:

• Fix security holes
• Repair bugs
• Better functioning of a program
• Improved features and tools
• Offer better solutions and services

If a program is not installed properly or is not updated then you are taking security risk. Outdated software can even crash your system or make it hang. Keep your computer updated for its better functioning.

How Can We Help You?

You get update pop-up from all sorts of programs, some of them you are familiar with and others not. Whether you are familiar with the program or not, you must keep it updated and if in case you have any doubt about it then consult with our software engineers. They will guide you in a better manner. We can help you with all the necessary updates. You can ask our experts anything related to system updates and security risks.