A Professional Computer Installation and Setup Service

A computer can work well with the help of its hardware and software. Just getting the machine at your place won’t do anything, you need an operating system and certain programs and applications to make it work properly. Improper installation and setup of the operating system, programs and applications can damage your device or cause you certain issues in the future. The professionals available at Protages can make your computer ready for work.

We will help you install all necessary software applications so that you can start creating documents, save files, listen to music, watch videos, and browse the internet and do all the things for which you have bought it.

Setup and Configuration of Computer

A computer is just a useless machine without the necessary programs, drivers and software. You can simply start it with the help of battery and power but you won’t be able to perform any task using it. Many computer companies now give you an installed operating system but still, your computer lacks some basic programs like Adobe, Office, antivirus and others which are important for most computer users. You can get these programs downloaded in your system with the help of the internet and then install and configure those programs to start using them.

For an amateur, this task can be difficult. Many of the users are even not aware, which programs they need to download for a particular task. You can handover this duty to us. We will install and setup all the necessary programs and applications so that you can start using your computer immediately.

What Can We Help You With?

There are lots of things need to be done to make your computer usable. We can help you with the installation and setup of:

• Installation of operating system
• Antivirus and antimalware
• Drivers
• Initial updates
• Programs and applications
• Software

You can even consult our tech executives about the best operating system, program or hardware for your system. We are here to help you. You can rely on the knowledge and experience of our technicians.